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About Vapor Source

Some people and companies refer to electronic cigarettes as ."E-NIC" or Electronic Nicotine Inhalation Cigarettes. The E-Cigarette was initially designed to deliver nicotine without the need to burn tobacco and ingest smoke along with the 4,000 chemicals that come with it. Basically, an E-Cigarette is a re-chargeable Lithium ion battery and an atomizer/cartomizer or the "Engine of the E-Cig" which heats and turns your E-liquid into vapor.

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Why Vapor Source?

This business was founded and built on faith and a true desire to help people. " We believe in the products and know that they can make a big difference in someone's life when they're ready to make some changes". In 2009, Vapor Source opened for business in Albuquerque, NM. In February 2011, Jason Casados, owner and Pueblo native, moved the business to his home town. He shares a location on B Street, with his sister Tiffany McCrary who owns The Pink Boutique. The business has grown and Jason now has a second location on 29TH street since March of 2013, with help from four additional employees (who seem more like family), Jared Montez, Francesca Gettler, Jill Vogel and Shayleen Padilla. Web Designer Ryan Ehlers is also part of their team providing IT support and works to insure that their site stays up to date and user friendly.

Jason strives for Vapor Source to be a friendly local business where people feel comfortable coming in, asking questions and getting the help they need. " Our staff is knowledgeable and really invested in helping people. We enjoy getting to know our customers and knowing that after their first visit, they will look forward to coming back.

Jason and Francesca worked in the field of substance abuse treatment and are knowledgeable about changing addictive behaviors. "Our desire to quit smoking is not solely based on nicotine: it also has to do with habits and behaviors. Our products and information make the transition from smoking as easy as possible. We will help get you set up with the E-Cigarette and E-Liquid that best suits you."With 120 flavors to choose from and the ability to customize the e-liquids, different strengths are available from 24mg of nicotine down to O mg.

"Change is difficult and we understand that."

Be Sure to check out our E-Liquid Page to find out more about our home made, hand crafted collection of e-liquid flavors made by Vapor Source right here in the USA!

Thank You to all of our customers and our community and may you be blessed with a wealthy and prosperous 2013!

Jason Casados


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